A new job will make you feel Great!


There are several things you need to do to help yourself when you get ready to hire a professional resume writer. You want your resume to highlight your talents and prove you are the best possible candidate for the position all the while getting accepted by the candidate selection software.

Things such as:

Write down your first and second career choice and the name of the positions.

Gone are the days of one resume fits all and remember that generic resumes are a thing of the past and each one needs to be tailored to the specific job. And, it is even better to tailor the resume to the exact job at the exact company.

Think about whether or not your two main choices are complementary to each other. If they are, one resume should suffice. If they are not then you will have to have two separate resume versions written to encompass the positions’ main qualifications.

Making a list of your skills. When designing two or three resume versions, identifying skills that are transferable to the positions will help once the professional resume writer begins writing the content for each document.

Identifying your strengths. Take a view of your past job responsibilities and note the ones that can help you stand-out in the position you’re applying for. Recheck your notes to ensure those strengths that you list actually fit the position(s) you’re applying for. It’s better to discover “dead weight” details before you begin.

Research the companies you are interested in working for and know the buzzwords and phrases that the company you have targeted uses in that position. Those key words and phrases will help the professional resume writer develop a keyword strategy for your resume and cover letter.

By doing the extra work now you are assuring yourself the best chance in gaining the interview and eventually the new position with a new company.